Adventures in the world of Battrick

I’ve played Battrick on and off for a long time now, but I’ve never really stuck with any one team for any length of time. I lose interest in it and then months down the line I feel like signing up again. Lets see then, how long I stick with it this time. I will be posting regular-ish updates on here as well. If anyone has a Battrick side and either wants to challenge me to a match or offer me any of their players, then feel free to do so.

Team Name: The Cannibals
Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Highlands Region
One Day League: IV.4
BT20: VI.363

Lets meet the team:

Jason Vere: 30 yo; BT Rating 6,119 (RHB/Right-arm Fast)
Dean Ani: 17 yo; BT Rating 5,634 (RHB)
Lawes Boga: 30 yo; BT Rating 4,073 (RHB)
Valinama Ila (c): 30 yo; BT Rating 4,865  (RHB)
Stanley Seri: 30 yo; BT Rating 3,983 (RHB)
Gimana Sinari (vc): 30 yo; BT Rating 4,134 (RHB)
Ferrall Romulars: 21 yo; BT Rating 5,616 (RHB/Right-arm Spin)
Emmanuel Maha: 24 yo; RT Rating 2,080 (RHB/Wicket-keeper)
Malvern Sila: 29 yo; BT Rating 2,648 (Left-arm Fast-Medium/LHB)
Tony Mogala: 30 yo; BT Rating 4,841 (Right-arm Medium/RHB)
Lawasi Iga: 18 yo; BT Rating 1,570 (RHB/Right-arm slow)
John Doura: 25 yo; BT Rating 4,802 (Right-arm slow/Wicket-keeper)
Rima Duboba: 30 yo; BT Rating 4,101 (Left-arm Fast-Medium/LHB)
Alfred Manu: 30 yo; BT Rating: 4,979 (Right-arm Medium/RHB)
Iamo Matagu: 21 YO; BT Rating: 2,915 (Right-arm Slow/RHB)
Lahui Gerubagai: 17 yo; BT Rating 3,678 (Right-arm Fast-Medium/RHB)
Ware Sinari: 30 yo; BT Rating 4,134 (Left-Arm Fast/LHB)
Aeari Vuivagi: 20 yo; BT Rating 3,461 (Right-arm Fast-Medium/RHB)

They’ve played their first game which was a 50 over match away to the Brahman Medics. The Cannibals ended up winning by 9 wickets and this is the scorecard:


The Cannibals won by 9 wickets. MOTM: Dean Ani

Stay tuned for more for more updates!


3 responses to “Adventures in the world of Battrick

  1. The key with battrick is to keep logging in once a month even if you are bored with it. That way if you regain your interest then you already have a team set up.

    Or if you get bored, sell your good players, buy trainees, move countries and start again.

  2. I used to do that, keep logging in but not training my players or signing new ones. As a result, the team just kept losing game after game and then I just couldn’t be bothered with it anymore.

    Will see how this goes.

    • Try From the Pavilion if you want to get a competitive team faster. Battrick is pretty hard to crack now that it is such an established game.

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