Just a quick notice.

I’ve decided to rename the blog, ditching the ‘Nightwatchman Blog’ name and going for an even less imaginary one ‘Sri Lanka Cricket Blog’. One of the main reasons for this is that the blog will be solely dedicated to Sri Lankan cricket, with nothing else going on it, so no County Cricket, and no pieces on other internationals and so I felt the need for the name to highlight this fact as the old name didn’t really give an indication as to what the blog was about. This is why I decided to change the name.

The URL has been changed to reflect the new name, and so is no more. I may or may not change the theme. I like this one (Misty Lake) but if I find another that has the same features as this one, I might change it.

I appreciate everyone who comes on here and reads my stuff and hope you will continue to do so.




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