Name: Maithri Jayasuriya
Home (UK); Essex
Home (SL): Ja-Ela
Twitter handle: @SLCricketBlog
Favourite playe (current): Dale Steyn


My name is Maithri Jayasuriya and I came into blogging very late compared to a lot of cricket bloggers around. I’d often wondered about starting a blog but didn’t think I had the patience to do it.  But in December 2012, I decided to go ahead with it, and started the Nighwatchman Blog which was the name this blog had previously been known by until recently. I started out by writing about all aspects of cricket with a focus on Sri Lankan Cricket, although now Sri Lankan Cricket takes up pretty much all of the posts that go on, here with maybe the odd piece about cricket bats as well.

I’ve been following cricket my whole life and played it for most of my teenage years (since then I have fallen out of touch with the playing side but will one day get back into it). Sri Lankan Cricket has been my passion and was my gateway into a wider appreciation of the game. I’ve lived in the UK since 1999, and have developed a keen interest in County Cricket (following Sussex CCC), which has furthered my ‘cricket education’. Although SL provided my ‘entry’ into cricket fandom, I do not have rose tinted glasses about what sort of organization SLC is. I am under no illusion that SLC as a cricket board are in need of vast policy and perhaps philosophy changes.

If other WordPress blogs (doesn’t have to be cricket-related) follow this one, I will follow back and add them to the ‘Friends of the Blog’ menu on the homepage.


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